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Choosing the right Delcon relay

About choosing correct Delcon relay type

Common features in all Delcon solid state relays

  • Delcon type of solid state relays are isolated by means of pulse transformer. It guarantees over 4 kV galvanic isolation between circuits.

  • No limited lifetime even with difficult loads, most of the relays have 10 year warranty.

  • Guaranteed switching on- and off-voltages.

  • Toleration of relatively high transients.

  • Toleration of high interferences in signal lines which are very common in automation industry.

  • 100 % safe status indication, no glowing LED.

  • No need for over dimension of the relay, all given values are effective values.

  • No minimum load requirement.

  • Made in Finland

  • Every single relay is tested several times before shipping from factory. Each relay has batch code which can be used for tracking even at component level --> Extreme reliability.

For choosing correct Delcon relay type to your application you need to know following things:

  • Control ("coil") voltage type (AC or DC)

  • Control ("coil") voltage level (V)

  • Load voltage type (AC or DC)

With this information above you can narrow the possible relay types for your needs by using the Relay Selection -tool on the left side of the page.

Relay Selection -tool will give you list of the relays which fills your requirements listed above. SLI- and EXI-relays are for mA-sized loads. SLO- and EXO-relays are for Ampere-sized loads.

Next step is to find correct relay type from the list. For that you need to know:

  • Load voltage level (V) --> compare to "load voltage"

  • Real load current (A) --> compare to "max. current"

Third and last step is to check that if there is something special in your application. For example if there is:

  • inductive DC-load

  • signal is taken from 2-wire proximity sensors

  • you are looking for normally closed type of the relay

  • extra protection against transients needed

  • low input current for the relay

In these cases check the "application" note from the list.

If you have doubts of selecting correct relay type please contact us or your local distributor or send technical request.

Terms and explanations


Delcon's product line for normal automation industry


Delcon's product line for hazardous locations

SLI- and EXI-relays

are "input" relays, which are e.g. used to read on/off information from sensors and limit switches.

SLO- and EXO-relays

are "output" relays, which are used to control loads such as contactors, valves, lightings and motors.

All output relays can be used as input relays


Delcon's relay serie with few types of input and output relays which are compatible with most of the G4 relays.

This page includes information about how to choose correct Delcon relay type. If you need more information, send technical request.