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It all started with an idea

Our production concept is to make small products special – even irreplaceable. A relay is a small component, but its performance is of critical importance. Delcon’s philosophy is to do even little things well and to offer our customers peace of mind as well as business advantages.

By using our products, our customers eliminate the need to replace relays and reduce their maintenance costs.

Each relay is tested three times during the production process.



Delcon relays are epoxy-cast.


Batch numbering is part of Delcon’s quality development programme.


Where does Delcon’s quality come from?

1. Technical competence

Our specialism provides over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing relays.

2. High-quality components

We use only components from known suppliers whose reliability we have verified.

3. Epoxy casting

Epoxy resin is used to protect the most sensitive parts of the relay from environmental conditions.

4. Product ageing

The products are “stress-tested” in an oven, which ensures the quality of the components and seams.

5. Batch numbering

Delcon relays are assigned a batch number, which can be used to monitor production through the various stages and the delivery batches of components.

6. Performance testing of relays

The circuits and performance characteristics of each relay are tested at circuit board stage and again later on when the product is finished.