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Saving you money

Because a relay is a small component, its significance in maintenance costs is not often assessed. When you consider the life cycle of a system and its maintenance and repair costs as well as any production losses, the importance of every component becomes clear. So even a little relay can cause expenses far in excess of its own price.

What does it really cost to replace a relay?

Let’s say that maintenance has been called out to investigate a system that’s not working. The cause is determined to be a faulty relay, which is replaced during the same call.

This graphic assumes that the installer’s charge is €38 per hour and he invoices for 1.5 hours to diagnose the problem and replace the relay. It is assumed that the basic relay is available on site. For the purpose of the cost comparison, a unit price of €40 per Delcon relay and €10 per basic relay has been assumed.

Cost factors in replacing relays, taking production interruption costs into account (pdf).