How to control high-voltage DC

Delcon relays and high DC voltages

Over 24 V DC load voltages are problematic for normal electromechanical relays. For example effective load for 12 A electromechanical relays is only about 0,3 A in 250 VDC load.

Delcon's SL-serie includes relays where control voltage is 5, 12, 24, 48, 120 and even 220 VDC. These relays are capable to switch 0...250 VDC loads without derating. 

Relay type SLO 24CRAA4 can switch even 380 VDC load without derating the lifetime or current.

Delcon offers two relay types for each contol voltage types:

SLO XXXCRA, where maximum current is 1,8 A 
SLO XXXCRA4, where maximum current is 4 A
(XXX = control voltage of the relay).