SL-series plug-in relay, 1 NO 5A (20A/10ms) / 350VDC

  • For inductive loads and high DC voltages.


  • Control of solenoid valves
  • High DC voltage applications such as:
    • Power network control equipment
    • Control systems for hydroelectric generators

DelconRelay benefits comparing to electromechanical relays and optos:

  • Works from zero loads upwards --> no minimum load requirement
  • Extremely low leakage current
  • Built in suppression circuits on a signal sides to ensure that they work correctly in industrial areas with high interference levels originated by cable capacitance
  • Built-in protection (varistor, diode, RC-circuit etc.) for the switching component to extend reliability and life time even more
  • 100 % clear status indication, LED is synchronised with the output
  • Breakdown voltage Input/Output 4600VACrms
  • 10 year warranty




cULus Listed Ind. Cont. Eq.
This relay has
70,8 years
MTTF (Mean Time To Failure)