Temperature limitations for loads and assembly

Operating Temperature Ranges

The permitted load is linearly reduced to 1/3 from +30℃ to +70℃ ambient temperature. When the output modules are mounted close together, the maximum load should not exceed 50 percent for an extended period. In other words, all modules constant to and including 50% loador half of the modules with 100% load or all with 100 % load half the time.

If there is a 12,5mm gap between the modules, these restrictions do not apply. AC-output relays with AC control circuits (SLOA120TR, SLOP120TR, SLOA230TR, SLOP230TR) are to be installed with the same method as AC-input relays, in addition to what is described above.

Please check temperature limitations from data sheets of each relay type.


Surface temperature

Ambient temperature means the temperature immediate in vicinity of relays, where the air flow meets the relays.