Why Delcon

Save when choosing relays

Save Money

The cost of replacing relays is often greater than the price of the relays being replaced. Our products can help you reduce maintenance costs and improve output capacity utilization. You’ll also avoid costs arising due to interruptions.

Even on the basis of relay changeover costs alone, Delcon relays work out more economically. To clarify this, we’ve worked out how much you can save if the calculations also include the profits lost due to interruptions (click here).

Long lifespan

Effortless Years

Delcon relays have many times longer life-time than other relays in terms of comparable MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) values. In other words they last as long as your automation system without painstaking production stops and pointless replacing of broken relays.

Check out the value for each relay on the 'Products' page.

Functional benefits

Versatile Functions

In addition to their long life and the cost savings that brings, Delcon relays have many functional benefits that can even help satisfy environmental requirements.

  • fast switching
  • high DC voltage cut-off
  • works with inductive loads
  • immune to interference
  • 100 % functioning status indicator
  • small leakage currents
  • no minimum load requirement