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Stop wasting money for replacing broken relays - make the right choice based on the lifetime of the automation system now and choose Delcon relay.
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Delcon relays are sold through our global distribution network. All of our distributors meet the criteria set out in our quality system. The key criteria are:

- Distributor markets and sells all Delcon relays 
- Distributor stocks our relays locally 
- Distributor's staff have received appropriate training
- Distributor has a designated person to provide technical support to users


10 year warranty | built-in protection circuits in both input and output side of the relay | immune to cross-talk noise caused by cable capacitance | fast switching | high DC voltage (350VDC) cut-off | high inductance tolerance - ideal for controlling solenoid valves | LED indicates status 100% correctly since it’s in sync with the relay output.
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